Killed in incident
30 October 2022
Civilians killed
Reported Perpetrator(s)
Eritrean Defence Force
Tesfay Teka
Age: Unknown
Gender: male
Profession: Scholar
Type of death: Execution
Date of death: 30 October 2022
Dibdibo, Dibdibo, Tigray
Dr. Tesfay & 8 other men were brutally killed together in a small gorge behind the main road. Hearing gun shots, Tesfay’s family along /w other missing men’s families searched for their loved ones. They found their bodies the evening of Oct 30th. The families asked to bury their loved ones but were prohibited by the Eritrean soldiers. After 3 days they allowed it and Dr. Tesfay along with the 8 other men were buried in Dibdibo, St. Michael Church on November 3rd, 2022.