Killed in incident
20 November 2020
Civilians killed
Reported Perpetrator(s)
Eritrean Defence Force
Amdekiros Aregawi Gebru
Age: 47
Gender: male
Type of death: Execution
Date of death: 22 November 2020
Adwa Town, Adwa Town, Tigray
Killed by the Eritrean soldiers. Amdekiros (Andom) was an Ambulance driver at the Red Cross Society of Tigray branch. He is an aid worker who got shot dead on street in Adwa while driving a pregnant mother in labor to the Hospital. After being shot, he tied his wound and took the pregnant mother to the hospital. The mother delivered well but he died as he bleed a lot. His younger brother, Binyam, also got killed on the same day by the Eritrean soldiers protecting his families properties. After the shooting, the Eritrean soldiers took two automobiles and other properties of their families.