Incident Date
5 August 2021
Qakha, Wef argf, Welkait
Western, Tigray
Civilians reported killed
(0 of which who are named)
Reported Perpetrator
Amhara Special Forces or Fano Militia
Civilians killed by Amhara militia.
On the evening of August 4, at around 9 p.m., 18 people were taken from a prison in Korarit to a place called Qakha, which is known for its cliff, on the road between Qorarit and Addi Remets where they were shot by fano militia. All of them were believed to be dead, but one, who was only injured in the chest, was able to walk and managed to reach the river below the cliff. Relatives later recounted that one of the victims was killed by his brother-in-law.
Personal details of the victim(s) are not reported for this incident.