Incident Date
4 August 2021
Idris, Adebay, Kafta Humera
Western, Tigray
Civilians reported killed
(0 of which who are named)
Reported Perpetrator
Eritrean Defence Force, Amhara Special Forces or Fano Militia
Civilians killed by Amhara militia.
On 25 July, zone administrators organised a meeting in Idris at which they told the population that Tigrayans should leave. Three days of rioting and confusion followed in and around Idris as Tigrayans tried to flee, while the Fano millitia looted. 51 people left together on 28 July, crossing rural areas in an attempt to reach the Tekeze. They arrived at the river on 1 August, when they were arrested by Fano and ASF. They were detained there on the bank of the river until 4 August, women and men together. That morning, the ASF took 19 men away “to wash” in the Tekeze. They then separated one elderly man and a child, keeping 17 people on the bank of the river. They tied their arms behind their backs with pieces of cloth. They made them sit in rows of three in small holes that had been dug earlier. They were surrounded by armed men, who shot them. One person survived.
Personal details of the victim(s) are not reported for this incident.