Incident Date
19 November 2020
Axum Town, Axum Town, Axum Town
Central, Tigray
Civilians reported killed
25 - 40
(6 of which who are named)
Reported Perpetrator
Eritrean Defence Force, Ethiopian National Defence Force
Civilians killed by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers.
On November 19, the city was shelled, destroying houses and killing people inside. The day after Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers entered the city. They killed people fleeing from them and entered the hospital to kill patients (both civilians and injured Tigrayan fighters). For a week they looted businesses in the city and destroyed properties.
Askale Redae , 22, female
Telets Abraha , mid-60's, female
Almaz Zeraya , unknown, female
Ammanuel Berhe , unknown, male
Kassa Enquay , unknown, male