Incident Date
12 - 18 November 2020
Adi Hageray, Adi Hageray, Adi Hageray
North Western, Tigray
Civilians reported killed
100 - 600
(56 of which who are named)
Reported Perpetrator
Eritrean Defence Force, Ethiopian National Defence Force
Civilians were killed by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers when they took control and looted the city.
Acoording to TGHAT, on 12 November 2020, Ethiopian troops came to the town and killed anyone and everyone they found on their way. Then they left the town for the Eritrean troops, who from November 12-18, engaged in massacring innocent civilians. The Eritreans killed anyone on the streets. They also visited houses killing anyone in those houses including old people. When people came out to collect the bodies of their killed family members or friends, the Eritrean soldiers shot them dead too.
Hagos Taye Tareke, 37, male
Yibrah Hagos , 32, male
Awet Haftom Kassa, 40, male
Nigus Shushay Reta, 70, male
Arefayne , 90, male
Hayelom Gayim , unknown, male
Gebrehiwet Assefa , 42, male
Haben Tekie , 26, male
Birhanu , 38, male
Dejen Kefela , 19, male
Esayas Kefela , 17, male
Jambo , 35, male
Legesse , 38, male
Tajebey , 35, male
Wedi Nega Tadesse, unknown, male
Gebrekidan Hagos , 35, male
Gidey Abebe Kassa, 55, male
Abrahaley Zecharias Kifle, unknown, male
Alemayo , 42, male
Haile Gebrekidan , 70, male
Engida Kidane , unknown, male
Mehari , unknown, male
Gidey Berhe , unknown, female
Gidey Gebrekidan , 80, male
Zenebe Frehiwet , 19, male
Berhe Yibrha Tsehaye, unknown, male
Kewani Yibrah Tsehaye, unknown, male
Tesfay Hadush , 32, male
Kindhafti , 60's, female